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About this course

Card payments demystified

Fintech, paytech, embedded finance - startups and established businesses in these areas are transforming the world of payments. Stripe, Block, Klarna and hundreds of other companies need talented people to support their growth, and they will pay top rates to attract them.
You might have experience in areas like engineering, product, project management, operations, or customer support, but to develop your career with these companies, you need to understand the payment systems that they are built on. This course delivers the specialist card payments knowledge needed to stand out from the crowd, land your dream job and take your career to the next level.
Card payments is a complex subject and a lot of the information is simply not available on the internet or in books, and what is available goes out of date quickly. Your instructor Tom Hay has 30+ years of experience in payments and advises global companies on a daily basis. He is based in London, one of the world's leading fintech hubs, and the course focuses on payment systems in the UK and Europe.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Student background survey

    1. Module 1: Who are the Players?

    2. Quiz: Payment Players

    3. Further information about players in the card space

    1. Module 2: Fundamental Payment Processes

    2. Quiz: Payment Processes

    3. Why the payments sector is attractive to investors

    4. Bonus: Settlement

    5. Quiz: Settlement

    1. Module 3: Unhappy Paths

    2. Quiz: Unhappy Paths

    3. Bonus: Stand-in processing

    1. Module 4: Channels

    2. Quiz: Channels

    1. Module 5: Cards

    2. Additional payment card information

    3. Quiz: Cards

About this course

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